Wedding Photography Greater Sydney: Meagan & Daniel

Ingleburn Sydney Wedding – Shane & Jenny’s

Wedding party, flower girl running

Jenny and Shane’s wedding was at the beautiful  Sweeney’s Function and Entertainment Venue in Ingleburn. It was a wonderful day and a lot of fun to photograph.

Friends and family can check out the online wedding gallery, ask Jenny or Shane for the password.

Mis Quince Anos

Smith Photography recently photographed Erika’s 15th Birthday party. It was a beautiful occasion and we had a wonderful time.

Congratulations to Erika and her family!

Wedding Photography Checklist.

Wedding Flowers

Ask any bride or hands on groom how many things they have on their list of things to do for their wedding in the lead up and generally the answer is more than a lot, a perplexing look, or something to that effect.

Any good photographer will aim to keep the things that the bride and groom need to worry about down to an absolute minimum and these points will help the day to run that bit smoother.

What do you need to think about when it comes to the photography?

  • Decide on a location for the setup photographs. Talk  about this with the photographer, if you are unsure of a good place they may know of somewhere.
  • Have a wet weather location lined up for your photography just in case the weather isn’t playing nice.
  • Allocate enough time to the photography of the bridal party. This is dependant also on the amount of time it will take to travel to the location. Allocating enough time so that the photographer can get all of the required photographs is important but don’t allocate so much that your guests are left waiting too long.
  • It may be helpful to nominate a member of the family or a friend to coordinate any setup shots outside of the bridal party. You need somebody with good organisational skills and a loud voice. This person also needs to be briefed on what people you want setup photographs of and in what groupings.
  • Give the photographer a list of some of the shots that you just have to have. Certain details or people are the sorts of things that you can put on this list. The photographer will generally have a list of photographs that he has in mind as well and obviously a creative photographer will work in the moment to capture the best images.
  • Lastly do not forget to have fun. This is of the upmost importance. The little things that didn’t quite go to plan on the day will fade away leaving that great sense of happiness and joy that you had. A happy couple makes for a more photogenic couple.

South-East Asia

Beach view.

I recently returned from a trip to South-East Asia, having travelled through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. I had an amazing time and took a lot of photographs. The contrasts that exist in some of these places are astounding and proved to be great to photograph. I have put a selection of the best images into the photo archive in my South-East Asia photo gallery.

Oscar the Cat

Oscar the cat
Oscar the Cat looking dapper

Oscar the Cat was a wonderful model, striking quite a few very elegant poses for his pet portrait session.